Studying Global History at the University of Vienna

The University of Vienna offers two master programs in Global History and Global Studies. Members of the FSP Global History also supervise a large number of PhD dissertations in global history.

Globalgeschichte und Global Studies (MA program in German)

The Global History and Global Studies MA offers lectures and seminars on methods of global history, on the use of foreign languages in historical studies, as well as on applied global history and applied global studies. Students can choose from a range of courses from disciplines such as History; African Studies; Oriental Studies; South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies; East Asian Studies, and Development Studies. Find out more about this program here.

The curriculum can be accessed here.

Program ID: 066.805
Duration: 4 semesters
Admission procedure: -

Erasmus Mundus Global Studies: A European Perspective (MA program in English)

Find more about the program, admission procedures, costs, and partner institutions here.This is an interdisciplinary, research-
based program offered by a consortium of six European universities: University of Leipzig, University of Ghent, the London
School of Economics (LSE), University of Wroclaw, University of Roskilde, and the University of Vienna.

It is a wide-ranging academic program which combines global economic history, international affairs, area studies, and social science approaches to the study of globalization processes. Students will spend one
of the two years of the program at one of the partner institutes. The program is coordinated by the University of Leipzig.

Find more about the program, admission procedures, costs, and partner institutions here and here.

Duration: 2 years
Admission procedure: yes