INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM: The many-faceted Independence

Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of Central American Independence (1821-2021)

University of Vienna & University of Graz, October 14–16, 2021

The 1821 Independence of Central America in retrospective. Commemorating the 200th anniversary of Central American Independence (1821-2021)

University of Vienna & University of Graz, October 14–16, 2021

On September 15, 2021, five of the seven Central American Republics will celebrate the 200th anniversary of their independence (bicentenario) from the Spanish Crown in 1821. The process of political emancipation was complex and had multiple effects for the historical development of this cultural and ethnic enormous heterogeneous region, the multidimensionality of the process requires a profound and interdisciplinary review. Therefore, researchers have emphasized a profound change of perspective. New and accessible archival sources as well as interdisciplinary research methods, demand a critical reflection on the traditional historiography of the region. Recently, Global History studies have contributed to our better understanding of the Central American region which is in the center of this academic encounter.
This colloquium brings together a group of international scholars, including historians, anthropologists, and political scientists, to reflect on the global and transnational perspectives of the independence of Central America in 1821 and its impact until today. This means including Central American visions, motivations, and perspectives in the face of global changes, transcending into the 21st century. Above all, the event seeks to increase knowledge about the history of Latin America in general and Central America in particular in Austria.

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Laurin Blecha (FSP Global History, University of Vienna)

Christian Cwik (Center for Inter-American Studies, University of Graz)